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AKA "The Branch Ranch"

  Here at Bellavista Clydesdales & Farm we enjoy having a variety of livestock sharing our pastures to help protect the natural balance of the land. Each type of animal that we raise on our land fulfills a specific niche in our land management practices. We believe the native pastures are as beneficial to the growth and development of our animals as our animals are to the pastures themselves.

Branch Ranch Ideals


  As young farmers we know how precious untouched land is in such an industrial age of farming. The benefits i have seen from our livestock is substantial in the health and development of our herds. The balance we have created for our pastures seem to make just as beneficial for the land itself. Between the difference in grazing choice between cattle and equine as well as the different  excrement they produce the land tends to react positively to the larger herds.

  Working with the land instead of against it produces great outcomes for all involved. The downfall as many great outcomes have is a very productive ecosystem, which in the long run means predators on patrol. Which is where the mules come into play. We've had pretty good success with protection mules, training them that our dogs are allies isn't too difficult with there high intellect and they are always well aware of their surroundings. The mules spot irregularities way quicker then the horses or cattle as well as react faster to potential dangerous situations. They have proven themselves time and time again out in our well treed area with high productive summers and harsh/heavy snow fall winters.